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Who are we? I hear you ask

We are four  thespian, theatre going, board treading, leg breaking, jazz handing, showstopping  podcasters. We are here  to give you all the gossip and goings on  in the wonderful world of amateur theatre within the UK. We will be telling you  where and when auditions, performances and workshops are, so listen in to us to find  an event local  to you.  Listen out for our hilarious musical themed game and our special west end section to stay in touch with the real stars of the industry. All feedback is  greatly appreciated and any suggestions to make our podcast even better then  drop us a line.

Meet the Team

Jaz K Wilson
Jaz - Presenter/Producer

Welcome one and all, for I am the one they call Jaz (also known by many other nicknames, but yes that is my real name). Thanks for being a part of ‘it’s all an act’, my love and passion for all things theatrical and also the excitement of podcasts has finally made this brain child a reality and boy am I buzzing about it. I am chairman of a musical theatre society, but also still tread the boards myself to keep my foot in the door. I have played many roles and enjoy the adrenaline rush and feedback of a live audience. I have performed at the fringe and would love to take our podcast up there one day. I look forward to meeting some new people and getting the word out about ‘It’s all an act’.

Tom - Co-Presenter

Hi, I'm Tom and thanks for taking the time to read this!

I'm a big lover of all things showbiz from Broadway budget shows to small am dram productions. I've been in quite a few shows over the years and i've loved every single one of them, although one of my highlights has to be playing the Tinman. I've also performed at the fringe a few times and seen a huge variety of shows while I was there. 

I'm very excited for 'It's all an act' and hopefully it will give us a chance to see some more shows along the way that we can share with you!

Lucie Wilson
Anna - Co-Presenter

I've loved Theatre since I can remember, from performing on a tiny school hall stage to getting to perform at Trafalgar Square for West End Live and the London 2012 Olympics. I've been apart of Amateur Dramatics for about 4 years now and have had a great laugh with it. I enjoy anything that's crazy and theatrical such as plays, musicals, dances and films. Whether it's a comedy or tragedy I love it all. I am a performer myself and have done all sorts of projects and productions which have been great fun, I've recently played the role of Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz and that was a highlight of mine. I studied Acting at Bath Spa University and also trained with West End Professionals at WestEnd Masterclass. I'm so looking forward to be apart of 'It's all an act' podcast and be with a great team.

Tom Hazelden
Lucie - Co-Presenter

Hi, I'm Lucie and my life is mainly based around my ballet teaching career, which is my absolute passion. Along side my work I also perform in different types of shows be it, musical theatre or dance shows, it lets me focus some energy away from teaching which is needed sometimes! My favourite part I've ever played is Liesl in the sound of music, it's been in my veins since I was very young running and jumping from sofa to sofa singing 16 going on 17. As well as being a part of the shows I've also choreographed many ballets and musicals for both adults and children. The podcast appealed to me because I could liken it to vlogging but don't have to worry about what I look like in the process! I've been watching vlogs for a while and have now started listening to podcasts, so can't wait to get started on this new project.

Anna Neary
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